Where I’m at: August, the month of dead computers

I thought I’d just provide a quick update regarding my comps progress (and extended absence from this blog). I was away for just over a week camping in the great Northern Ontario wilderness, reading like a good little comps kid and dreaming big dreams of the blog entries I would compose upon my return, until…well until I actually returned, only to discover a dead motherboard and therefore useless laptop. Oh, computers.

Needless to say this little – ahem – surprise set me back a bit (financially, emotionally, academically…). So where am I at? Well, as I said, fortunately my reading was not harmed by my little tenting excursion. At the moment I am a Derrida away from completing Theoretical Foundations, with a solid foot in the door of my Topic Paper list (today I spent some time with Henry Jenkins and Pierre Lévy); I’ve caught up on quite a bit of notetaking, with a little more catch-up to go; but, unfortunately, I am nowhere nearer to completing those long-promised blog entries about all of the readings I’ve done to this point.

The next few weeks prove to be a bit daunting, between personal stuff (softball tournament, helping friends move, getting my life in order and the like), “academic extracurriculars,” for lack of a better term (TA prep sessions, some of which I am preparing and leading, as well as a “welcome week” for new students, of which I am also in charge) and my academic work itself (I really want all of my Topic Paper readings done soon to help with the preparation of SSHRC and OGS applications, due in October, plus I have one paper to submit to a forthcoming collection by the end of next month, another I’d like to start sending around for publication asap, and a conference in Minneapolis I’m attending in October).

I’m exhausted just typing it all out.

In other words, I hope to have new blog posts for you soon. Just bear in mind that “soon” might look an awful lot like October.


~ by pamelaingleton on 23 August 2010.

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