Why I’m here

The “I” in the title of this post might refer to the “author” of this blog or the blog itself.

I (author) am here because I’m interested in user-generated/social media or Web 2.0 (terms I hope to complicate in posts to come) both personally and academically; as a PhD student, my dissertation topic focuses (or will focus) on the intersections of authorship/writing and applications like WordPress, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc.

I (blog) am here as an integral, integrated component of the study described briefly above. In order to understand new media and especially the way in which it interacts and intersects with writing, it is important to interact with it. I am one iteration of that interaction.

Thus, as I (author again) write on online writing, I will be writing online; the two, as I have envisioned them, are to be mutually informed.

The long-term purpose of this blog is to serve as an “academic blog” (whatever that means), tracing and constituting my work, investigations, questions and (tentative) answers.

In the meantime, the short-term goal of this blog is to chart the progress of my comprehensive reading year and examinations, a prerequisite of my PhD at McMaster University. I have a 121-work reading list and ~9 months to read all of the works on it in order to produce two 25-30 page papers on the material and its relation to my project. As I read this material, I will blog about it, everything from key concepts and important passages to things I liked, didn’t like and couldn’t understand. Scheduled blog entries will focus on groups of readings: how they relate to each other and to the project as a whole. Unscheduled blog entries will attempt to capture breakthroughs and frustrations- personal affect left out of the “comps” final products (i.e. the final papers). I will also do my best to signal relevant online material to my research question. These links will appear via my Delicious account on the side of this page. I will also be tweeting the comps experience, the results of which also appear on the sidebar.

I have a rough idea of how this work will unfold, though I guarantee my approach will change as the work progresses. This blog – and its linked media – will change with it, mirroring the academic process as it is experienced. In the days to come I will provide more detailed information regarding the content of the reading list itself, my schedule of readings and future blogs. Most importantly, comments, suggestions and questions are very much welcome and encouraged.


~ by pamelaingleton on 25 May 2010.

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